Monday, December 22, 2008

dear diary

Been reading my old diaries.  Oh, I hope my daughter's joy will not be dependent on boys.  As I read, I laugh, roll my eyes, and feel a bit sad for this girl who was so boy crazy.

Here's some stuff from when I was twelve. 

Jan 2, 1979 Dear Diary,
Today was a good day.  Julie went to Anna's.  Me and dad went shopping at Safeway.  We went back and forth finding things.

So, I'm wondering... was it Julie being gone that made it a good day, or the excitement of grocery shopping with dad?

Jan 15, 1979
Today _____ looked at me.  (names have been deleted to protect the innocent)

Jan 16, 1979
Today I didn't get to go skating.  I was really upset for awhile.  I think _______ knows I'm alive now.  I hope he likes me.

I continued to document every time this particular boy looked at me.  I think he talked to me once.  I'm pretty sure I pulled that off like satin -- you know, smooth.

A bad day:
Jan 20
Today was terrible.  Mom was grouchy.  I didn't feel good and Julie was noisy.


  1. lol...

    I threw out ALL my old journals...I embarrassed myself to

  2. I love this! You sound like me. Or you sound like all young girls?

  3. LOL. I don't think I kept my diary at that age. I'm pretty sure I burned it. I tend to be a bit dramatic - I know, shocking.

  4. What? Me grouchy? In my old diary, which I kept for about 1 1/2 years, I kept mentioning Floyd. When I read that again a few months ago, all I could do was wonder "who was Floyd?" :)

  5. These are great. Mine were much more angsty I'm afraid. Still are. *sigh*

  6. Sounds like something I would have written at the same age... girls...

  7. were WEIRD as a kid.....


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