Friday, December 26, 2008

convicting sermon from an atheist

You have probably heard of the magician, comedy team of Penn and Teller.  Teller doesn't talk and Penn does.  And what Penn says, if you've ever heard any of his podcasts or radio programs is that there is no God.  He's a very vocal atheist.
But watch this podcast.  Tell me your thoughts.


  1. I'm still churning this one...might need to return to comment with thought and intelligence later. :) For now, I am reminded that authentic kindness and honesty lived out (especially when both will cost you something, perhaps rejection) is what most people crave. And is what often speaks the very loudest.

    Thanks for sharing this, Kay.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Kay. It certainly makes you think. I hope that Penn continues to think about that man and perhaps calls him or reads that Bible.

  3. I listened this last night off Facebook - did you get it from Pastor John, too? As soon as I listened I thought, "Go Holy Spirit, do your stuff!" No one change anyone else. Period. But loving others paves the way for the Holy Spirit to get in and inch by inch show people that Jesus is the way. I finished it and prayed for Penn. Let's all pray for him and grease the Holy Spirit's work even more. Thanks Kay. And thanks for praying for me today!

  4. Wow! Unbelievable, knowing where he stands. We need to really pray for him. It's great that he respects that man so much, especially if he will hold him up as a representative of Christ. Wow! Praise the Lord......

  5. I think the Holy Spirit is already working in this man's life because of a very caring and loving Christian man. The man accepted the small gift and appreciated this Christian man sharing with him.


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