Wednesday, December 31, 2008

hopes and plans

I don't do resolutions.
I'm not even very good at goals.  
Let's be honest - I don't like to do things I don't like to do.

But, I do try to start each new year with at least a little direction.  Some, shall we say, plans.  Hopes maybe.  Hopes and plans.  That sounds good.

I plan this year to spend one hour per day working on my book.  I know that's lame and nothing at all compared to what I should be doing.  But it would be approximately 265 more hours than I have spent this year.  Or something like that.
My hope is that when I have written an hour, I will be on a roll and the words will keep coming.  I am hoping that just setting aside a time slot will work wonders.
I hope it will entice me to write more because I plan to have my book finished by September so I can present it to some agents.

I plan to take the dog for a walk once per week.  Ok, I know it should be daily.  But I don't do it at all right now.  If I were setting goals, I would make it a goal to walk her every day and then I would end up walking her once per week.  That's how I do goals.  But since this is a plan, I can just be honest about it.  I may end up enjoying our walks enough to do it more often.  I hope.

I plan to be more consistent with the laundry.  I plan to at least put up each load as I finish it.  I hope this becomes so routine and easy that the entire process loses it's intimidating hold on me.

I plan to spend more time with friends.  I hope they have the time to accommodate me.

I plan to be better at sticking to the way that I know I need to eat.  I hope it will become second nature to me and I will no longer feel the pangs of deprivation.

I plan to be more faithful in my Bible reading.  I don't hope, but I know that this will make everything about my year better.  Because all of my hope for life is contained in God's Word.  I need to drink it in.

What about you?  As you face 2009, what are your plans?


  1. I think that, instead of saying I need to lose 30 pounds, I can say I want to feel better and boost my energy so I will walk three times a week. That way, hopefully my body will do its thing in response to the increased exercise. So you can bring your dog down three times a week and I'll take her for a walk. :) Sound like good goals and not too overwhelming. I tend to overwhelm myself so I opt to not make any goals. I like plan better.

  2. I'm working on some "plans" of my own. I know what I want as far as results go, I just need to work out how to get there. And I am praying for Robbie's husband.

  3. Thanks Julie!! Kay, I resolve to be more like you...and Jesus. :0) Okay, not in that order. I will never resolve to put up laundry as it is finished. We kinda consider the dryer the pre-dresser drawers. Noah asks "Where are some socks?" I look at him incredulously and say, "In the dryer...Of course!"

  4. I don't "do" resolutions either... I like your plans...

    Laundry is one I need to get a handle on as well...


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