Monday, December 29, 2008

big God

So thankful today that I do believe in God.  So glad that I know He is real and that He is present in my life - and the lives of others.

Please pray for Robbie who blogs at Joy Dance.  Her husband sustained a brain injury yesterday in a motorcycle accident.  God is bigger.

Continue to pray for Susan at Accidental Poet.  Her mom is still in the hospital.  God is bigger.

Another friend of mine named Susan has her husband in the hospital with pneumonia, kidney failure and something wrong with his blood count that they suspect may be cancer.  God is bigger.

Continue to pray for Brenda.  You can see her picture on Sharon's blog Many Hearts One Family.  She is seriously ill.  God is bigger.

Pray for my friend Claudia who's husband is in the hospital.  He had his stomach removed because of cancer.  God is bigger.

Pray for healing for all of these people.  And for God's comfort and grace for their families as they wait.  And wait.  And watch.  And hope.


  1. Thank you friend! God is Bigger indeed!

  2. I know that God is working miracles in John and I will continue to pray for their family as well as the others on this list.

  3. Hi Kay Day,
    I love what you love, your love list at the top of your blog. I also love your prayers for others. I have an ACFW critique partner who could use prayers, too, Laura. She is battling breast cancer. Please pray for her as well. I'm enjoying checking out and reading your blog and hope you'll check out my new entries at

    Blessings and prayers,

  4. Yes, God is BIGGER! I believe it and say it a lot!


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