Wednesday, December 3, 2008

expanded horizons

When I lived in Colorado Springs, I could see Pike's Peak from my house.  If I stood in the right spot of my yard, so I could see through the trees and houses.  From some parts of town I could see it close up, towering and majestic.  But in my new town, I can see at least fifty miles of mountain range from my window.  And from some parts of town I can see from Long's Peak to Pike's Peak - at least one hundred miles of mountains.  I have views far beyond what I had in my old place.

My horizons have expanded figuratively, too. I have so many new friends.  New opportunities.  New church, prayer group, writers' group, etc.
But, I also get to keep my old friends because they are only a short drive away.  I've doubled my world.  My life has expanded.  It feels abundant and rich and I am grateful for my blessings!


  1. As one of your new horizon friends, I am so grateful for you Kay! You are a terrific friend and you make me laugh and think. Great combo. (Not necessarily at the same time. :0) )

  2. I am so very happy for you!!! yay!

  3. So happy that you expanded your horizons so we can enjoy your exuberant personality.

  4. Yeah, well I miss the mountains!

  5. I love the view from your house. Glad your horizons expanded.


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