Tuesday, December 16, 2008


A muffler, mittens,
hat, and ear muffins, too
Three pair of socks,
a coat zipped up to my chin.

But my oh my, these jeans 
are feeling mighty thin.

Marvelous, amazing, 
spectacular feat:
the invention of
the heated car seat.

Call it a pizza warmer if you wish.
I think that's kinda dumb.
I love the way my magical seat
defrosts my frozen bum.


  1. What a great post!
    I like what I'm seeing!
    Of course when I sit on a seat warmer,
    I feel like I'm peeing!

  2. You know, it isn't nice to brag, Miss Heated Seats.

  3. I love your poem
    (More witty than prose!)
    My man's car has one,
    But my van? I'm froze!

  4. Great fun here. You all crack me up.

    Of coarse the other day when I was bringing home ice cream and I sat it on the seat, forgetting it was heated...

    I wonder why they don't make heated steering wheels.

  5. I call them ear muffins too! Did you get thst from me? And a nice little poem also. I want a hot bum...but will settle for a warm one. hee, hee.

  6. Cute - my Grandpa and Dad had different kind of heated seats - the kind you take hunting or use on your tractor while plowing the snow.


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