Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In conjunction with my previous post, I found this article that helps explain how we got in this mess.  It pretty much says what I was thinking, but I wasn't sure if I was right.


  1. Christian Socialism is a viable choice here, especially in light of Bush's folks buying private enterprises with government monies; the Bush-backed bailout is socialism without the Christianity.

  2. http://pajamasmedia.com/rogerkimball/2008/09/29/who-caused-the-biggest-financial-crisis-since-the-great-depression/

    I thought this was a pretty good article. Got it from Z. :) http://gollygeeez.blogspot.com/

  3. Interesting article, Mel. It certainly has been a long time coming.

  4. Interesting article?! Are you serious?! If this complex problem was so easy for Mr. Kimball to piece together and lay the entire blame at the Democrats' feet, how does he, and rank-and-file Republicans, explain why they stood idly by and "let" the mean old Democrats get us in such a mess?! Mr. Kimball is merely finger pointing when his political party is as much to blame as the other party (especially since most bankers and mortgage lenders are Republicans). Perhaps we American will finally awaken from our slumber and intelligently investigate a candidate based on his/her ideas and abilities rather than their party affiliation! Outrageous! As Christians, we should be ashamed to lower ourselves to allow politicians to lie to us time and again and keep voting Republican because we are afraid someone might question our salvation based on politics! Shame !
    Lord, Have mercy on us sinners.

  5. This particular article may be placing all the blame at the Democrats' feet, but there is plenty of press placing all the blame on the Republicans. You did so yourself. I think in the long run, it balances out and neither of the two parties is completely at fault. There is plenty of blame to spread around in this situation.

    I for one used to believe that every good Christian should vote Republican. I give you that. The first time I heard of a Christian who was a Democrat, I had a hard time reconciling that. I'm over that. I don't make those kind of assumptions anymore. We all have different values that we consider in the process and some people hold more to values that Democrats uphold. That's fine. And some of the things you have said (years ago when being less forceful of your opinion) got me thinking about a lot of things.

    Here is why I will vote Republican in this election. (It's certainly not because I like McCain!) I am for smaller government. I will probably always vote for the candidate who doesn't promise a bunch of government programs, etc.

    Also, I am pro-life and will probably alway vote for the candidate who is pro-life. Here's why. I read a non-partisan account of all the laws that have been passed re: abortion since Roe v Wade. This was at a pregnancy center where I volunteered. During the years that a pro-life president was in office there were far more pro-life initiatives and laws passed, even on a state level. During the years that a pro-"choice" president was in office, there were a lot more pro-abortion measures passed, even on a state level. We may not overturn Roe v Wade, but maybe we can make it illegal for people to mutilate 13 year old girls without parental permission, etc...

    There are things on both sides that I agree with. There are some things the Democrats value, that I do, too. But I have to make a choice and as lousy as our options are this year, that is even more difficult. But I have to go with the values that I value most highly. As do you.

  6. As a pro-life, gun rights/NRA member, who is basically, a Christian Socialist, I have no real argument with you on the abortion issue. However, it is the seeming disregard for life AFTER birth that I am unable to reconcile! BTW, I am neither a Republican, or a Democrat. Just FYI. :)


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