Sunday, September 21, 2008

Author: Elisabeth Elliot
Source: A Lamp For My Feet

Seed and Yeast

When we see things we believe need to be changed, most of us are impatient to see them done at once. The kingdom of God does not operate spectacularly, with a sudden rush of irresistible force, but rather like seed and yeast. These are small and wholly unimpressive and go to work only when buried. They need an appropriate medium in which to generate change, but the life-principle is there, latent but powerful, ready to begin the slow and marvelous process of transformation.

Our prayers for change--in people, in situations--are summed up in the old petition, "Thy kingdom come"--but when we ask for that we are asking for what may seem an excruciatingly drawn-out business. We will need the patience of the farmer and the baker who, having done the one thing needful, then quietly (and with calm faith) wait for the thing to happen.

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  1. Beautiful, Kay. And Elisabeth. It is so difficult to wait with joy. I wait. I am forced to most of the time. But I wait with a bad attitude. I want to wait with joy -quietly and calmly.


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