Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We are surrounded by robins.  Hundreds.  I have never seen robins in a flock before.  It is cool and breezy and they are frolicking and twittering.  
They chase each other and seem to be having a grand time.  Perhaps it is a reunion.  More likely a migration - it feels very  much like fall today.

Makes me think about freedom.  We use the term, "Free as a bird" for good reason.
But the thing about freedom is that it can't be absolute.  You see, there is a house sitting here.  And no matter how much they may want to, they cannot fly in this bit of space that is occupied by my house.  

As I sit here I am facing a large window and was quite startled a while ago when a robin nearly flew into the glass!  It caught itself and veered away just in the nick of time.  A few moments later we heard a loud thud from a different part of the house.  I looked outside, but didn't see any dead or wounded birds, so it must have recovered.

Freedom is wonderful!  But always there are restrictions and limits.  Whether because of natural boundaries, or because of lawful boundaries there are certain things we just cannot do.  And usually those boundaries are for our own good.
And sometimes, like the window, those boundaries can be deceptive.  They may appear to lead to a way of freedom, but they don't.

So, spread your wings and fly today!  Enjoy the freedom you've been blessed with.  But keep your eyes peeled for plate glass!


  1. Greetings from a robin of a different sort. I've always enjoyed birds probably because of my name.

    When I was young I used to think that when the bird congregated on a wire they were having church. I told my kids about that and now they say the same thing.

  2. That's really good, Kay. Good application.

  3. Kay:

    Nice thoughts. I think the doozy is free will, don't you?

    Talk about freedom!

    What a God, what a Love!


  4. Loved the bird pics. It hurts running into that glass.


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