Thursday, September 11, 2008

thursday thirteen

There are a lot of voices out there saying ridiculous things about the attacks on our country. I knew that this faction was out there. I didn't realize how vocal it is. Conspiracy theories are plastered all over. When I tried to find a photo for this, almost every site is spouting off anti-American drivel. I didn't see any sites dedicated to remembering the dead or honoring the heros. Not even any sites bashing the terrorists. Nope, just sites full of lies and hatred. Now, realize that I didn't look at every site on the web. But of those I did look at, this was the case.
Well, I for one will not forget what happened and why it happened.
Things I remember from seven years ago.

1. My husband called to tell me a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I thought he meant a small plane and wondered why he was bothering me in the middle of trying to get my daughter off to school.
2. When he said the Pentagon was hit, too, then I knew it was deliberate. We were being attacked.
3. I gave my kids ice cream for breakfast.
4. I didn't even think to keep my daughter home from school. I was on auto-pilot, I guess.
5. I tried to organize a prayer group but only one lady showed up. We prayed for a while together that morning.
6. Empty blue skies. Gorgeous. No contrail, no planes. Just the sound of fighter planes patrolling the air beyond our view.
7. Concerns that one of the installations near us would be hit. We were in Colorado Springs.
8. Anxiety over what would happen next. How far would it go?
9. Shock when the buildings fell. I was stunned. It seemed so unreal.
10. Horrified at what the passengers on the plane and the people in the buildings must have felt in their last minutes.
10. We were still unpacking from a move and I found a broken piece of china. It was so trivial. I thought about how people in New York, even miles from "ground zero" had probably more damage than that. What's one plate?
11. Hope. I was so sure that there was a pocket of survivors under all the rubble. I held to that for days.
12. Walking around with my hand over my mouth. I remember noticing that.
13. We went out for lunch that day and I remember how quiet everyone was. People were speaking in hushed tones. Everyone had a strange expression on their face. We were all so stunned.


  1. My youngest doesn't remember that day, or what it was all about...she was only 5. I just thought it was such a big event that she would remember, but she was just a little girl. I remember the quiet skys, and the shock of fear when the first plane flew over. Unbelief, numb, feeling that it was somehow a hoax. Waiting for another attack at another location...for days. And these families are still hurting, and missing loved ones.

  2. I remember Chuck calling me too. We all just watched the TV all day. I too knew the attacks were deliberate. Such a sad, sad day.

    Thanks for sharing, Kay.

  3. Sadly, far too many of we Americans have forgotten that terrible day. Some use it to further their political careers. I, however, will never forget the Attacks of September 11, 2001. I just pray our Armed Forces can now be used to locate, capture, and punish the real leader of the attacks: Osama Bin Ladin.

  4. When I turned on the TV that morning, I thought they were showing a scene from a movie. I think I did the hand over the mouth thing that day also. We better never forget it and get careless.

  5. Such a sad day - I posted a little about it today on my blog and shared a picture I took from the Pentagon about six weeks after the attack.

  6. Makes my heart so sad. My Mom said that she remembers exactly where she was when JFK died. I have many others say the same thing. I will never forget that morning. I remember having my hand over my mouth..crying...then no tears..disbelieve..trying to tell myself it wasn't a movie..this is REAL! I still am shaken by this.


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