Saturday, September 20, 2008

random randomness

Baby gorilla at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo a few years ago.

~ I can cook.  I almost always change recipes - I consider them guidelines. I can cook without a recipe.  I can taste something and determine that it needs, say, a touch of thyme.  I am inconsistent as to quality, I will admit.

~ I prefer the yolk to the white of an egg.

~  I can't have tomatoes or chocolate.  I actually miss tomatoes more.

~ I can't bake so well.  Quick breads and cakes almost always sink in the middle.  I can do some good biscuits, though.  

~ I prefer cats to dogs.

~ I saw some gold trees today.  Fall is here!

~ My son has his first case of strep throat.

~ I really need to start exercising!

~ Squirrels are goofy.

~ I like fairy tales.

~ I've had a headache since Tuesday.  I don't like it.  It makes me grumpy.

~ I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.


  1. Thanksgiving...yellow trees...oh, so jealous.

  2. Thanksgiving..LOVE it! I found a beautiful burnt orange tablecloth at a garage sale today...3.00! :) I miss the fall leaves. I prefer the yolk as well. :)

  3. Yeah, Thanksgiving! When you'd like to try some of those before-mentioned recipes, but your old traditional family (some of them anyway) is not really game to try fancy stuff. :)


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