Thursday, October 2, 2008

thursday thirteen

Thirteen things on my mind this morning:

1. The economy - yuck
2. The election - uck
3. My friend who has breast cancer - ick
4. My defensiveness in certain situations - eww
5. The roles of God, man and satan in the universe - hmmm...
6. My husband -  mmmm...
7. My kids -  yep
8. My dirty house -  Ho hum.
9. My Moms' in Touch prayer group that I'm getting ready to go to - ahhh
10. My novel and how I am so far behind on my goal -  ack
11. My cousin taking care of her two men. awww
12. My strange and humorous dreams.  ha ha
13. Lunch - yum


  1. I like reading your blog. On days like this when you list things, it is fun to see how your mind works. I like husband -mmmm. :0) There was a twinkle in your eye when you wrote that, right? :0)

  2. I have similar feelings for most of those. Number 8 - oh yeah and number 12 for the last threee days I have had the strangest dreams ever.

  3. And number 9 - I wish I had one of those...

  4. Well, tomorrow, we'll get to work on getting you closer to your goal!

  5. 7. My kids - yep
    Interesting. Love the responses.

  6. By the way, your pupils look rectangular rather than round. Spooky.


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