Tuesday, September 2, 2008

writing aid

I have a new tool in my writer's basket.  My tiara.  Well, it almost borders on being a crown.  It is perfect for a three-year-old girl's birthday or for helping a writer feel special.

Remember the "Thinking caps" we put on for Romper Room?  Well, this is similar.  I am hoping that it's very presence will stimulate my brain to produce wonderful new thoughts and plot points and dialogues and character depths, etc, etc.

At the very least it is fun.  And anything I can do to make the writing process more fun -- I'm going for!

Besides, I'm doing this whole writing thing for God anyway, and He says I am his princess!


  1. Hey let's wear our tiaras when we get together to write!

  2. Hey!! I want a tiara!!

    You're is way cute. And I love the new decorations here, that photo is gorgeous! Did you take that?

  3. the photo of me? yeh.
    The photo of the grain? No. That's from MS Office.

  4. just what you always needed...a crown

  5. You've got spunk and style!

    A prisoner of hope,

  6. That's a queen hat if I ever saw one. Keep on with the writing!

  7. matches her beautiful ring!

  8. Your green eyes are blue in that picture!


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