Monday, September 15, 2008

learning to ride

A few posts ago I compared writing a book to learning to ride a bike.  Noting the fact that my father is there, encouraging me and cheering me on.  He knows I can do it.  And He is there to guide me along the way.  
As I was looking for a picture, I was overwhelmed by them.  The universality of the postures.  Always dad is holding on, or running along beside.
I found them so sweet and so encouraging.  I am going to remember these pictures.  And the memories I have of my own dad running along beside my bike.  And my hubby running along beside our kids.  And I'm going to remember that if God calls me to do something, He will be right there, holding on to the seat and helping me along.


  1. Sweet! And what a wonderful affirmation to the character of our God.

  2. Learning to ride a bike is quite the milestone for kids.

    Learning to trust our Heavenly Father (who cares more than any earthly father) is quite the milestone for us. Of course it should be a given but we people complicate the process...

    We are so like children learning to ride a bike...

  3. I think my older brother or an older sister helped me learn to ride a bike. We have dirt,sand downhill lane and I vaguely recall someone putting me on a bicycle and heading me down that road, and not exactly doing the Daddy part. I went a ways and then I fell over. You know, sink or swim?

  4. How sweet.

    A neighbor was running alongside his daughter, helping her learn how to ride her bike. He'd been at it for a while and looked like he was ready to quit. At that moment the little girl said, "Daddy, I love you." Good old Gary picked up the pace and hung in there another 10 minutes.

    A prisoner of hope,

  5. I don't remember who taught me to ride a bike. I taught my sister. I put her at the top of a very mild hill on the school grounds. I ran behind her until she started to go too fast. Then as I fell behind and was hollering at her to step on the brake, I realized she didn't know anything about the brake. She eventually ran into the back school fence and came to a sudden stop. She survived and I was glad.


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