Thursday, September 4, 2008

thursday thirteen

A double dipper today!  My cousin at To Know Me is to Love Me listed her favorite restaurants last week so I copied her idea!
The first list is places I used to like.  But we  have changed our way of eating so that we want food to be as natural as possible.  Less chemicals, less processing, etc.  We don't eat trans-fats and that eliminates a lot of places, although they are catching on.  I also have some food sensitivities that make it difficult to eat at some places.  I can't have pork for example, and Texas Roadhouse uses pork even on their baked potatoes.  We still like the place, it just isn't a favorite for me anymore because it is difficult.
Also, my tastes have changed and since I prefer to eat meat that has been raised on a vegetarian diet and has no hormones or antibiotics, it makes my throat feel kinda funny to think of eating a burger from some places these days.  So, I'm not bashing my "before" list.  They just aren't my favorite places anymore.  
You may  notice that trying to eat better also increases the cost!  We don't eat out as often!

1. Red Lobster
2. Taco Bell
3. Almost any Mexican food - can't have now because of sensitivities.  Still love it, though.
4. Black Eyed Pea
5. Country Buffet
6. Fazoli's
7. Texas Roadhouse
8. Mc Donald's
9. Burger King
10. Sonic
11. Popeye's
12. Mimi's
13. Red Robin

1. Macaroni Grill
2. Carrabba's
3. Cheesecake Factory
4. Chick- fil- A  - not natural meat, but they use good oil for frying, so it's the only fast food I do anymore.
5. Indochine - a local Thai/Vietnamese place
6. Good Indian places
7. Good Greek places
8. Jason's Deli
9. Warhorse - local place 
10. Pei Wei
11. P.F. Chang's
12. Elephant Bar
13. Ted's Montana


  1. It looks like you've settled in well to our town, enjoying the War Horse and Indochine. Hmmm.

    We should go out for lunch, Kay!

    A prisoner of hope,

  2. I used to love eating at Black Eyed Pea, but they left our area (yes, not the healthiest, but it was yummy).

    I really like Macaroni grill, but it cost more than a typical steak place, but I do enjoy their food.

    Have you ever eaten at a Sweetwater? I think they are called differernt names - some are Sweetwater Tavern - They have absolutely delicious foods. One time I ordered chicken and a baked potato and I thought it would be decent, but I tasted it and it was AMAZING (I'm sure lots of butter was involved). How can they make a baked potato taste out of this world? I like baked potatoes and always have, but this was over the top. There salads are incredible also.

  3. yum ~ Just came home from Panera Bread..a treat for my Bday. is hard to eat out when you are trying to eat better!! My tummy is oochy right now. First time I have had any carbs in two weeks! Thanks for the list!!

  4. I like both of your lists. I haven't tried some of your second list, but they sound good.

  5. Melanie - I love Panera Bread!


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