Monday, September 1, 2008

small rant

One of the most blessed parts of being a woman is the fact that we can give birth.  We are able to cooperate with God in bringing a new life into this world.  

A woman nurtures it.  She carries it within her own body.  Whatever she eats affects it.  How she feels affects it.  It is a part of her for nearly 10 months, sharing her blood and falling asleep to the rhythm of her heartbeat.

Men cannot have babies.  It is physiologically impossible.

Every time I see something about the "Australian man" who gave birth, I literally want to hurl.  It sickens me.  It is depraved and goes against God's perfect design.  And, honestly, it royally ticks me off.  It makes me feel very angry.  Don't mess with this beautiful sacred act of womanhood.  Don't mess with it, man.

What we have there is a woman who mutilated herself and then chose to have a baby.  I don't care what she had done to her body, or what hormones are dominate in her system, she is still a woman.   She still does not have a Y in her DNA.  She is and always will be female.  The fact that she gave birth should verify that.  Instead we get all these sensationalists proclaiming that a man has finally given birth.


Stepping down now.


  1. Such a strange story!! I do not understand how they say it was a man. We live in a strange world.

  2. I am so thankful that Our God is in control. A good Post.
    A is beautiful.

  3. I agree. It's very much a part of the moral depredation of our society.

  4. I thought you would change your sex because you wouldn't want to have children, but to "change" your gender and still use the female reproduction... either be a woman or be a man!!!Take the good with the bad, be who you were created to be. If I wanted to be a man I don't think I would still want to bear children. Men don't do that. I think this person got pregnant during the process...? Just too bizzar to even think about seriously.

  5. Also reminds me of a man I read about that got a boob job on a bet, like a "b" or "c", kept them for 12 monthes and won 10 thou $$
    Said he didn't mind....weird.

  6. Yes, all that nonsense sickened me also. Even after all that surgery and hormone replacement, a woman has not become a man. A man does not become a woman. I know there are cases of babies being born with parts of each gender, but that is very rare.

  7. Aughhh craziness... We need to be what God created us to be. I agree one of the most wonderful parts of being a woman is the ability to bear children and I'm thrilled to be carrying one now - what a delightful, amazing, incredible (I could go on) miracle!!!

  8. Feel free to rant away, Kay. You have good rants.


    A prisoner of hope,

  9. Honestly, Kay, I agree with you. I am almost as shocked about this story as I am about Mrs. Palin's 15 year old, unmarried daughter being pregant. I am shocked, because Mrs. Palin is going to be a heartbeat away from the presidency should she be elected, and how can she be taken seriously as "pro-family" values when she let's her daughter run amok?

  10. Geen, Is that sarcasm I detect? :)

  11. wow

    15? 17 years old. Doesn't make it better..but if you are going to least get your facts straight.

  12. MTS,

    Seriously, expressing my shock at a "Family-Values" candidate's lack of family values is a "rant"? We should all hear such calm rants!


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