Saturday, September 27, 2008

about your name

I have just started a Bible Study in my home with a few friends.  It is on Kay Arthur's book LORD I Want to Know You.  It is a study of some of the names of God.  Fabulous!  You should read it.  

Names have power and meaning, I think.  Our names are our identity. They are who we are.  
Do you know what your name means?  When naming my children I looked at the meaning of every name we liked.  I wanted to make sure the  meaning was something I wanted for that child to bear the rest of their life.

My name means nothing.  But most sources refer back to the name Kathryn, which mean Pure One.  I am more tainted by this world than I would like to be, but I do have a deep, unrelenting desire for purity and holiness in my life.  I wonder if my name has anything to do with that.  And is that passion there because my name is Kay, or is my name Kay because of that passion?

Do you see a connection between the meaning of you name and who you are?  

One friend is disappointed in the meaning of her name, but the thing is, when we get to Heaven, God is going to hand each of us a stone and on that stone will be a new name.  A secret name known only to God and ourselves.  So if you are stuck with a less than ideal name down here, remember that God has already re-named you.  Maybe that name is what you are living up to even now.


  1. When we named our children we choose the names according to their meanings. It is neat to know that each time I call them by their names that I am saying something positive as well. :) I seem to call some more often than others. :)

  2. Look up your second name. That was going to be your first name, then Kay as second name. But you know the story, about all the possible nicknames for that one, so I reversed the order.

  3. Elizabeth I love. It means Consecrated to God. El is a name for God. How cool is it to have God's name in your name...

  4. My name is Germanic for "protector." It suits me well.

  5. Kay I love that last paragraph - how beautiful to even consider. I remember when I read that in some of Randy Alcorn's work it struck me as wonderful.

    I've always liked my name, but I don't feel I live up to it so to speak "shining fame" but I like what The Name Book by Dorothy Astoria lists as it's spiritual connotation - "victorious spirit." I feel like that suits me best. I have a victorious spirit only because of the Lord though and the love He has showered on me in many ways including wonderful mentors HE has sent my way.

    My children's names were also chosen because of their meanings. My son's middle name was chosen by my husband and the meaning doesn't do much for me, but the Spiritual connotation is one I really like.

    I'm hoping the little life I carry will be a girl mainly because of the name we have picked out and what it means. I actually didn't like the name my husband picked at first because of its meaning, but while I was on bedrest God really spoke to me and did it through the name and helped me to view my pregnancy even with those early fears through God's eyes.

  6. If you don't like what your name is or what it means, I think you should change it. They did it in the Bible all the time. Ask God for a new name and He will give it to you.


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