Sunday, October 5, 2008

six boring things

Another meme.  I've done this one before, but there are plenty of random weird and boring things about me, I suppose.  I got tagged for this by my friend Mel at Monday through Sunday.

Here are the rules: 
1. link to the person that tagged you.
2. mention the rules.
3. tell six boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
3. tag six other blogger's by linking to them.
4. go to each person's blog and leave them a comment that lets them know they have been tagged.

here are six boring, unspectacular details about me. 

1. I wear a size 11 narrow shoe.  I guess I should say that I SHOULD wear that size, but I frequently cram my feet into shoe sizes that I can actually find.

2. October is my favorite month.

3. I like old black and white movies.

4. I can draw, kinda.  And paint, sometimes.

5. I love lemon stuff: pies, cookies, cakes, tarts, bars, sorbet, slushies, drinks, ices, whatever.

6. I am pretty bad at grammar, really.  I think I used to know it though.  Can't spell much anymore, either.

Now I am supposed to tag 6 people, but I'm not going to.  If you want something to post and want to do this meme, feel free.  Just let us know!


  1. I will be nice about the feet LOVE lemon as well. :) October is excellent..IF you live somewhere other than Florida. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Black and white movies! Thanks for participating!! I haven't had a meme in awhile and all of a sudden..whamo! :)

  2. A citrus person!
    I love anything vintagey too!

  3. October is my favorite month b/c of preschool. We have a harvest party, pumpkin patch, hayride, and lots of fall crafts. Not to mention the beautiful fall colors.

  4. Lemons. Hmm. Happy October.

    I posted photo's on my blog.

  5. I did it on my blog, too. Neat!


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