Tuesday, October 7, 2008

home on the (putting?) range

This place is right behind my house.  I'm sharing this so you can see how beautiful it is here.  The actual course is on the far side.  If you look at the map on the site, we live on the south side, toward the west end of the course.  Our house is just over the line where the map ends (that sounds like a movie or something...).  The fence borders our yard.  Yesterday I took a long walk on the public access trail that runs through.  Gorgeous.  
I am so grateful for being able to live here.  
Rumor is that the club is $500,000 per membership, plus yearly fees.  That's sickening.  The club doesn't impress me. It's not the course that impresses me.  What impresses me is the beautiful creation around it.  The beauty of the prairie and wildflowers.  I can ignore the golf course and the ridiculous houses being built over there.  They only impress me with their ostentation.  But I am glad the owners allow us ordinary folk the use of their trail.
If any of my local friends would like to walk with me, let me know!


  1. I wish I could walk with you! (I'm still hovering over my "assignment" by the way.) ;)

  2. I am happy to know you can look ast the McMansions and see God's creation. Sound like you are becoming more Christian Socialist all the time judging by your comment about how obscene the gold club fee are! Power to the People; God is the source of that Power!

  3. Sounds beautiful, but way out of my price range.


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