Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here is an interesting article comparing British and US teeth.  You've probably seen something or heard someone making fun of British teeth for being crooked and yellowed.  But over there, they mock Americans for their unnaturally white and straight teeth.

I've always felt I could relate to the UK.  I have crooked teeth.  And they are not white.  I would like to get them straightened, primarily because of the trouble I have in my jaw.  A little whiter would be okay.  But when I see people with really white teeth, I always think it looks freakish.  I am not self-conscious about my smile.  Mel Gibson has very crooked teeth.  It hasn't held him back any.

So, tell me your opinion of teeth.  Do crooked teeth bother you?  
  What about the color?  What dentine enhancing measures do you take?


  1. Yes, I do judge people for their teeth. At least at first and then I can move past it.

  2. I wore braces as a teenager, but still have tetricycline (sp?) stains, but I haven't tried to bleach them or anything.

  3. I have crooked teeth, too. When I was 18 and vain, I went to an orthodontist to see about getting braces. He said he's have to crack my bottom and top jaw and then my mouth would have to be wired shut.

    I told him I'd keep my beautiful crooked teeth. :)

  4. I say leave the teeth alone (unless the condition of your teeth is causing you pain or other issues). I think perfect, white teeth take away the individuality of a person's smile. It looks plastic.

  5. Who notices your teeth when they see your smile? No one ever thought your teeth needed to be fixed. At least people don't ask you if you have false teeth! People used to ask me that until I chewed too many bones! If your teeth don't align, the dentist can sometimes file them down a little. Of course, there's no undoing filing down. I have jaw troubles too.

  6. Moms have you considered a night guard? Not sure if that is the problem you are referring to when you say jaw troubles though. The night guard is for people who grind their teeth (Bruxism).

  7. Do not get your teeth whitened! My daughter had that done, and she had so much pain that she had to pull over on the way home and call for help! They gave her VICODIN! It's been months and she still has pain. I guess the process opens the pours of the enamel and can be quite painful. She refers to it as Crazy Torture Inhumane ZOOM! whitening process. LOL! Don't do it!

  8. I don't want my teeth to be perfect. Where is the uniqueness in that? I have a tooth that is "off" but it's not noticeable and I simple don't care. My teeth ate nice but they aren't perfect or perfectly white either. Ever seen someone on TV with fluorescent teeth they are so white? It looks unnatural because it is. And then it almost looks like dentures. IMHO.

  9. Jan, I agree that many people look like they are wearing dentures. Glowing dentures.
    I also think it's cute that you accidently said "my teeth ate nice." I know that's not what you meant, but isn't that what it's really all about. Can we eat with them? LOL

    Mom, you are right. I've never had anyone comment on my crooked teeth, but then that would be rude.
    I have had a lot of very nice complements on my smile, though.
    I have had my teeth ground down several times and it hasn't helped. I might look into one of those night things, in case I'm clenching.

  10. Interesting post. I really don't look at teeth..unless they are black or sticking out in weird places. I totally understand the dentist prices to get things fixed...or for extras. I actually never noticed your teeth!

  11. I have crooked and yellow teeth, but I drink tea, so I figure the yellow won't change much. As for the crooked, it's not worth it for me to fix them.

    I do, however, stress that my youngest sucks her finger and will probably need braces.

  12. I admit, I notice teeth.
    I guess that's because I'm a dental assistant, lol.
    Mine have been straightened as a child but are naturally on the yellow side. They look natural, though! We have patients come in who want
    neon white teeth. So white, they almost glow!
    Of course you want to give the patient what they want but I don't like the look of teeth that are an artificial white.
    My Dad was so smart when he got his upper denture many years ago. He had them made with one tooth slightly askew and had two fillings put in !!! They look awesome, so natural.

  13. I like teeth, but don't care if they are crooked or not. Mouth health is more important.


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