Thursday, October 23, 2008

thursday thirteen

I've done a TT on my favorite restaurants.  One on weird foods I've eaten.  This one will be my favorite foods.  Unfortunately, some of the foods I am about to list are foods that I have a sensitivity to and can't eat.  

1. Potatoes.  I love them mashed, fried, baked, scalloped, au gratined, hashbrowned, souped, you name it... just not raw.

2. Tomatoes.  A really good, tasty tomato.  Very hard to find anymore. Can't eat them anyway.

3. Watermelon.  Not cantaloup, not honeydew.  In fact watermelon is the only melon I like.  And I  like it a lot!  I will only eat it during the summer when it is in season.

4. Chocolate.  But weirdly, I don't like chocolate cake.  I would rather have another flavor of cake.  Can't eat chocolate now, though.

5. Bread.  I love it.  I love all kinds.  But I can't have yeast, so therefore, I can't have bread.

6. Pizza.  I love it will all the toppings.  Or with just pineapple and pepperoni.  Or with spinach and onions and mushrooms and a white sauce.  I had a pear and gorgonzola pizza that was very yummy.  But since I can't have tomatoes, or yeast, I can't have pizza.

7. Ice cream.  Chocolate would be my favorite flavor, but really, I like just about any flavor.  I am picky about where I get it, though.  Which brands.  Not all ice cream is good to me.

8. Pie.  I could eat pie all the time.  Every day.  All day.  But I don't.  I have it only a couple of times a year.  I like almost any fruit pie except blueberry.  I'm not a big fan of cream pies.  I do like key lime, though.  And lemon meringue.  But, I guess those are fruits, aren't they?

9. Honey.  On bread, on biscuits, on cornbread, in tea, on my fingers, in a spoon...

10. Stuffing or Dressing or Filling, you know the crumbled up bread stuff that goes with poultry.  I like bread stuffing.  Not rice or some weird thing like that.  Stove Top is fine.  But since I can't have yeast....  

11. Fish.  I have loved fish as long as I can remember.  I remember getting it at the buffet when I was quite young.  I have never tried a fish I don't like. I prefer the fish that tastes like fish, too.  

12. Cheese.  Cheese on bread, cheese on potatoes, cheese on chips, cheese on crackers, cheese on veggies, cheese by the chunk....

13. Pasta.  I like macaroni.  I sing about Penne Regatta  and Linguini.  I like all kinds of toppings on all kinds of pasta.


  1. Kay, I know how it feels to have favorite foods you can't eat.

    My love-hurt list includes green beans, soy, mushrooms, processed sweets and carbohydrates. Sometimes I am bad, and eat them anyway. Then I pay! I've had to work to come up with alternatives to love instead.

    Right now, two of my healthy favorites are Gouda cheese and Organic apples.

  2. I am finding I cannot have foods with a lot of butter/fat...REALLY upsets my tummy and makes for a miserable evening. So sad!!! :)

  3. I couldn't read the entire thing because it's late and I'm hungry. But I do love Gouda.

  4. I love those too, but just not the fish. I think I can stand it a little, like once a year, but I wouldn't choose it over some of that other stuff. When the folks were out here I ate fish at dinner, and had a belly ache all night that felt like a fish!

  5. I like most of those foods also. Fish is one thing I have to force myself to eat. If salmon or tilapia are cooked perfectly I actually like them. Since I've been pregnant I haven't been able to stomach fish though - I know its supposed to be good for me as long as it doesn't have too much mercury.

  6. You had me until you mentioned Stove Top stuffing. Too bad you can't have yeast or I would make you the most unforgettable dressing ever. Not a brag, just the truth. It's an old family recipe that's to-die-for.

    Other than that, you're favorites mirror mine.

    A prisoner of hope,


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