Thursday, October 9, 2008

thursday thirteen

Thirteen of my favorite smells.  Michelle had a post talking about the smell of dirt and so smells are what I'm posting for my thirteen.

1. Dirt.  I do indeed love the smell of dirt.
2. a horse's neck.  
3. a stable
4. Creosote, in a mild form, like railroad ties lying in the sun.
5. the Colorado brush warmed by the sun.
6. wet sand
7. shale heated by the sun
8. rotting apples - from a distance
9. wood smoke
10. Colorado rain, especially in the mountains
11. Snow
12. cinnamon
13. lilacs


  1. i like the smell of wet sand too...after a rain.

  2. You can always tell the country girls, huh?


  3. I enjoy those smells too and the outdoors in general. I love that picture of the tress and barn. Did you take it?

  4. mmm..smells great! Lilacs are wonderful!

  5. Brenda, no, I didn't take that photo, but I could have. I mean, I've been places that look just like that.

  6. I also enjoy the smell of rain and cinnamon. I like your new picture, it evokes autumn. Jo

  7. I'm so in for the horse smells, the lilacs, and the cinnamon.

  8. And the smell of the library.

    I like most of yours. Some of them I haven't really noticed??

  9. I approve of your list sister. I like the smell of field grass too.

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