Thursday, October 16, 2008

thursday thirteen

Here are a few of my favorite things.  Thirteen, actually.

I remember this suitcase from forever.  I don't have any specific memories of it, but when we found it in storage, it was familiar and full of nostalgia.  It has my sister's name in it.  But it's mine now.

Peace and Forget Me Not were both given to me by ladies I taught Bible Study.  I bought my own Happiness.

This dresser has always been in my life.  It was my mom and dad's and somewhere along the line they gave it to me.  It has a matching mirror and a full size headboard.  I love the color of the wood and the bowed front.  I probably should have dusted it before I took the picture. 

I don't love this picture because it is so expertly executed, but because of the memory of painting it.  My mom, her sister, and I went to a lady's house and took an oil painting class.  We all painted the same thing and they all looked just about the same.  But it was a very fun time.  My aunt is gone now, so it is extra special.

This belonged to my mom's grumpy aunt.  I like it because it is worn and old, yet so ornate.

My mom gave me this buffet.  I have a vague memory of when she got it and antiqued it.

The bottom case is just the case for my husband's coronet.  But the middle one is a cool old typewriter that an old Colonel gave me when I was heading for college.  He didn't even know me, but my mom worked for him.  I never actually used it.  I payed my room-mate to type all my papers.
The Brownie is just cool and the attache belonged to my grandpa.

This is a table my dad gave me.  I used it for my desk until I got a real one.  Now it sits in my little foyer.

This was my aunt's table.  We sat around this table for Thanksgiving for many years.  After she died my cousin had it, but a few years ago she passed it on to me.  Now we gather around it for Thanksgiving again every year.  There are a few people missing, but we've also added a few here and there.  You can see the spots on it from heat and water.  I think they are just a part of the history.  Perhaps the dish that left that mark was placed by my grandmother?

My other grandmother had a mantle clock and I have wanted to find one just like it, since we can't locate the original.  This one isn't just like it, but my daddy got it for me because he knew I wanted one.  It plays the same chimes as my grandma's.  It also has an interesting personality.  It seldom chimes the actual number of times that it should.  

My husband's coronet.  I like it because I like things that show their wear.  Things that are used well and have been through stuff yet still function.

My sister made these guys for me.  So cheery.  Always smiling, no matter what.

My friend Melanie gave this to me.  It was brown and I painted it.  She still has some pieces like it as far as I know.  So when I look at it I think of her.

I'm sorry I didn't dust for you all.  I feel embarrassed as I look at these pictures.  But somehow, I feel like it would have been phony of me to do that.  It all would look better with a bit of shine added.  But this is genuine.  I try to live the same way.  


  1. I still have the other pieces! I love all your treasures. What a great idea for a 13..:) These are the treasures that make the home even more cozy and precious. Stuff is great...but really it is the people in our lives that make the stuff great! :)

  2. Love this post. Very cool objects. I especially like the mirror given to you by grumpy aunt. :0) It is beautiful to me. I love old mirrors!

  3. Robbie, she didn't give it to me, she died. She had a jar full of snake rattles. That's the only thing I actually remember from her house.

  4. Great list. Some are also very personal for me.

  5. Actually the blue table was given to me by the same Colonel who gave you the typewriter. It sat out on the patio for years until your Dad decided he needed a table for his gun-cleaning job. He painted it blue. Then he decided he didn't want it in the bedroom. I'm glad it has a good home. I always thought is was cute. The red suitcase was mine. I think sister I. had one that was blue, but not sure.

  6. P.S. I can't see any dust, but you know me!

  7. I can't see any dust either, but I'm still glad you didn't dust :) makes me feel good :)

    Love the pictures and the stories about each item.

    I'm so impressed with the painting! Wow! What talent you have!

  8. You have some cool stuff, but I really like what Melanie had to say about it too - it's the people and the memories that give stuff meaning.

  9. Thanks for sharing your special treasures with us! Very cool.

  10. Kay,
    You've got great stuff!
    My girlfriend has an oak table that her dad used to write his sermons on~ you can see where his forearms wore out the finish. He passed away a few years ago and although it looks worn, what a precious gift he left her on that table top!

  11. Kay, That painting is amazing! Its also cool that you were with family members to learn how to paint such beautiful paintings.

    God bless!

    Robin's daughter

  12. Hi Kay - Robin here again - my daughter (8 yrs old) just let me read the comment she typed to you. I called her over to show her the painting and then went to the kitchen - when I came back she was typing to you.

    I don't let her use her name on the internet, so I told her just to sign it Robin's Daughter.

    She just told me that she has to send you another message - so my time here is done...

  13. I thought that was MY red suitcase! :( It does have my name in it you know!


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