Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Wow!  I haven't posted since Sunday!  Sorry, man.

Sunday night our church celebrated the Feast of the Tabernacles.  It is an annual event for this church. 

The Feast of the Tabernacles is the last in a row of feasts.  The first feast is a time of repentance, the second is atonement and the third is celebration.  It coincides with the harvest and is a celebration of the bountiful blessings from God.  The tabernacles, or booths represent being in the presence of God.  And the celebration is a precursor for the Wedding Supper of the Lamb mentioned in Revelation.

That's why this church celebrates it.  We are practicing for our wedding day!  After having some dinner together, they blew some shofars.  Wow.  Nothing moves my spirit like that sound.  That is the sound we will hear when the groom comes for His bride!  Then the troupe danced a couple of dances before inviting the rest of us to join in.  I have always thought that style of dancing looked like so much fun!  So I joined right in.  Holding hands, skipping in circles, clapping and tripping over one another!  It was great fun!  I had a blast!  

You know, when a woman is engaged, she can't wait for her wedding day.  Yet I know so many Christians who just aren't quite ready for Jesus to come get them yet.  If a bride felt that way about her groom, I would be suspicious of her feelings for him.  When I was younger, I was very much hoping that He wouldn't come soon.  I wanted to have a boyfriend, get married, grow up.  I thought there were too many wonderful things here to experience yet.  I also felt some trepidation over the whole thing.  The fear of the unknown.  But now, I just think about "tabernacling" with God permanently.  Being in His presence -- and I can't wait!  I am eagerly expecting His return and when things around the world get shaky and uncertain, I get excited!  Maybe it will be soon!!  Even so, Lord Jesus, come.  The Spirit and the Bride say "come."


  1. Maranatha . . . indeed.

  2. Sounds wonderful. We just finished a study at our church about the Feasts. It was very enlightening. There are an awful lot of "coincidences" it seems :)

  3. Wonderful post Kay! I understand how you used to feel because I had those same feelings about things I wanted to do before...

    Good point about how Jesus would feel knowing we weren't excited about the wedding...

    I'm sure no earthly groom would put up with a bride who wanted to wait until she did a gazillion X,Y,Z's.


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