Thursday, January 10, 2008

thursday thirteen

That bites

  1. Once when I was about 12 or something I was sleeping on the floor in my grandma's little adobe house and I woke up just itching and burning and found that I was lying in a mighty mess of little bitty Ants.

  2. I was a nursing mother, so suffice it to say I've been bitten by Babies.

  3. We had cats growing up and cats will bite if given a good reason. And what is a good reason is an absolute mystery to humans.

  4. We had chickens and they peck. That's the same as a bite. They just don't really have teeth, but it still smarts.

  5. Duck bites don't really hurt.

  6. Once I was riding my pony past the neighbors' corral and their darn horse just reached over the fence and bit me in the arm. Tarnation, that hurt.

  7. I used to be a mosquito magnet. I could leave a place with twenty bites and no one else would have any. My chemistry must have changed because that doesn't happen anymore. Good thing, too, because I was allergic.

  8. My pony bit me. Dumb thing, really. Me, I mean. I was in the chicken pen and stuck my finger through the wire to pet her nose and she snapped onto it like it was a carrot. I couldn't do anything to get her to let go because there was a chicken fence between us. When I pulled, she bit harder. Thought I was going to lose it -- you know, my finger. But she finally let go. Didn't even break the skin, but felt like it was breaking the bone.

  9. Puppies bite everyone

  10. My rabbit bit me. I was showing my sister where its mouth was – and it showed me.

  11. I've been bit by a stinkin rat.

  12. My sister, she used to bite me a lot.

  13. I bit my aunt once when I was an adult even. She asked for it, I bet.


  1. LOL...that was so funny to read. I sure like you!

  2. creative the blog..cant wait to come back and read

  3. This made me laugh! Not at you, because I don't generally enjoy other's pain, but your descriptions were fun.
    Happy Thursday!

  4. A very interesting theme this week. I love the music playing. It is a beautiful song...nursing babies don't bite they give love nips :)

    My T13 is up:

  5. my oldest son, when he was a toddler...used to bite, a lot!! my butt was usually his prey!!
    happy tt!

  6. Ouch! What a painful post, but you made me smile anyhow. Great outlook on life!

  7. I was bitten very badly by a disabled client and had to have a tetanus shot and aids test. It took quite a while for the scares to heal.

  8. Jan,
    oh my! that would hurt. it took awhile for the scares to heal? or the scars? Both, I bet!!LOL

  9. Wow, if I were you I'd be afraid of everything. LOL.

  10. I can remember when we were young children, on holiday m sister and I wold sleep in the same room and the mosquitoes would hardly touch me all summer but she used to get eaten alive every night!

    Ok, I think we need to know the story of why you bit your aunt! You can't tease us like that!


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