Monday, January 14, 2008


This story is a beautiful example of faith. I love the way the station presented this story. Another loss. Another sad thing in a sad world. But God is there.

edited to add:
The Sangre de Christos. That means the Blood of Christ. She died in the Blood of Christ.

I used to live at the foot of those mountains and would think to myself, I live beneath the Blood of Christ.

I hope her family can recognize the symbolism and find some comfort there.


  1. That is really sad. But you are right about the way the station presented it by acknowledging the family's faith. They sometimes want to leave out that part.

  2. Hi Kay
    That is sad!
    That is a great tribute to that family,I am with Kathy.The media always act like faith sightings(?) are magic!!

  3. Sad and beautiful at the same time. Sad for their loss of a wonderful daughter and sister. Beautiful faith and trust in God in difficult circumstances. Her brother's comments were touching and showed his faith.


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