Tuesday, January 15, 2008

it's great to be me meme

Jan at Bold and Free tagged me with this meme. It's pretty simple. I just have to give reasons why it's great to be me. I think we all need to occasionally do this because it can be very easy to dwell on why it stinks to be me. Don't you think?

It's Great to Be ME because:

God loves me so much and is teaching it to me everyday

I love to learn

I have a great family

My family loves me and puts up with all kinds of stuff from me

My husband loves me and is good to me

My kids call me mommy

My kids love being with me

I have a wide circle of friends who care about me and whom I can turn to when I need them

I get to live in a new place

I get to write a story, even though it's incredibly hard!

God uses me

I love to teach

I have a unique perspective

I know how to relax and smell the roses

I can goof around and make a fool of myself

My doggy thinks I'm the BEST

I appreciate beauty and find it in unusual places

I am empathetic with others

I can see miles and miles of mountains from where I'm seated right now

You all share your time and your lives with me!
I am going to tag Kathy, Bet, Nicole and Dayle with this one!


  1. It is great to be you! :)
    I want to see mountians for miles and miles too.

  2. You stinker, Kay! I'll be obedient and post mine on Thursday or Friday on my blog.

  3. Thanks Kay! You are right its important to think about why its great to be the person God created instead of complaining about it.

  4. Btw - where have you been during WFTJ? We've missed you!

  5. My first comment just proofed away. Great photo of you and the kiddo's - that's a keeper. I loved your list as well. Yup, great to be you.;)

  6. Jan, I love that photo, too! It's my favorite and it's just one of those little booth deals.

  7. I LOVE that picture. What do you think..can I stuff five children and me in one of those things..LOL!!

  8. You have a great list there. I have done mine and it was good for me to stop and think about all the good things in my life.


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