Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a little fun

Brits, an American Western, and Ukuleles. Can't beat that combo! I love this thing. It seriously tickles me.


  1. lol..The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly..were on the other night..NEVER saw it..was glad it was on TV though.

  2. This is one of my favorite songs. The music from those three westerns are remarkable. Great imagination.

  3. So, Mel, did you watch it the other night then? I've seen it several times. I can't keep it straight with all the others I've seen though. I get all those Spaghetti Westerns mixed up.

  4. Dayle,
    It is one of my favorites, too. You may have noticed it is on my playlist. My son likes it, too.
    I always say, "That there is just plain ol good music." LOL

  5. I did..the first time! I did not realize that it was made in '66..did not think it was that old. Violent would be the word..but good.

  6. Thanks for sharing that, Kay. It made me laugh. And it's fun to see people enjoy themselves while they perform.

    A prisoner of hope,

  7. I loved that movie and that song!
    I love John Denver too!We had to learn how to read music in school when I was 11 and I had to learn one of John Denvers songs.
    My husband said that we had to play "sunshine on my shoulder at his funeral" !
    I also see Randy Travis on your playlist.He sang at my church a month after I came here so I love him too!


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