Tuesday, January 22, 2008

random thoughts

Hooray! It is 34 degrees according to the Weather Channel. But according to the thermometer in my yard, it is 24. So maybe not hooray. We haven't been above freezing much around here lately. I don't mind the cold, really I don't. But I do mind freezing! Above 32 would be great. Anyway, it's beautiful and the sun is shining and the sky is an indescribable blue.

The photos are from yesterday morning. I awoke to find a hoary frost. Fortunately it was all outside. Although, I wouldn't be surprised to find some on my face some morning. We have insulation issues.

I have always been a little bit perplexed by seagulls in Colorado. I saw a lot of them this morning on my way to a meeting. Do they have any idea how far it is to the nearest sea? And there was a big ol' crow hanging out with them. Odd. I think it's definitely odd.

I was officially naughty in my meeting. I kept laughing at inappropriate times. But it wasn't my fault. I could name names, but I won't. Actually, I haven't had a good laugh in a while, so I really appreciated it, whether everyone else in the room did or not.

I bought my dog some salmon dog food. I keep thinking, "What IS that smell?"


  1. I like your random thoughts Kay :) and I've been known to be naughty in a meeting myself - shhh...

  2. I'm glad you were naughty at today's meeting. It was fun to spy you giggling and wiping tears from your eyes.

    A prisoner of hope,

  3. I myself have never behaved that way and wouldn't even know how to be that disruptive. ;) LOL.

  4. I was wishing for freezing Saturday when it snowed for a little while. If the temp could have just gone down 2 degrees we might have been able to keep our snow longer.

  5. Kay, At the aforementioned meeting, I felt like a kid in school hoping not to get in trouble for snickering during the teacher's lecture. I loved it. You are SOOOO precious! :0)

  6. I love the cold,my perfect running day is a 40 degree weather day!
    I am usually very prim and proper but sometimes something silly sets me off and I go crazy laughing!
    You sound like me

  7. K, remember that Christmas play with the donkey? and mom waving at the pastors wife while rubbing her nose? trying to be quiet is harder when you have to be. We have seagulls here too, I call them lake gulls.

  8. It's snowing here now. I should have some good pictures for tomorrow.

    We call seagulls sea rats. :)

    You. Naughty? You must be reading my blog too much. ;)

  9. Was I rubbing the pastor's wife's nose or my own nose?


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