Sunday, September 30, 2007

doesn't affect me?

I am going to send you to another blog again. I want you to go see what Danica has written. But first I want to say that I have heard of this situation on TV shows, etc. I knew it was going on, but I ignored it because I felt like it didn't really affect me. But the truth is...It could have affected me in a very real way. I just chose to ignore that, too.

When I was in Haiti, seventeen years ago, a man from the Dominican Republic was trying to buy me. He wanted to take me and kept asking how much to purchase me. I was a dope. I just thought it was funny. I had an "invincible American" attitude. And I was seriously naive.

Then next evening we were at a church doing some education and I was filling out certificates for the people who had completed our little series of classes. Someone came in and told me that we were supposed to all get on the truck, (we rode around like cattle) and that we were leaving right away. When I got on the truck the leader of the group told me that they had heard of a plot to kidnap me.

Now I say "Wow". Back then, I was a dope. It just didn't occur to me how serious this could have been. But now, I see. It gives me chills. Thank God for His protection over me. And I really need to look into what I can do for those who are not spared. For those who were kidnapped, or even sold by their own families.

Danica's blog mentions some things that can be done or just ways to be educated about the severity of this problem.


  1. Hi Kay...I just wanted to stop by and say "thanks" for your encouraging words on my blog. It means a lot! Have a great day...

  2. Think how your father and I felt when you told us that story. We knew how serious it could have been. It is quite a popular thing to take beautiful and fair-skinned American girls and sell them into sex slavery. You would have been very valuable to them. I thank God you were with those other people who realized the danger. Oh yeah, you're my favorite first daughter, and my favorite green-eyed daughter:)

  3. That is interesting -- it's something you don't hear much about. Do you think this could be what happened to Natalie Holloway?

  4. Kathy, It's possible. I remember thinking that.
    One sight I looked at gave the numbers for people living in slavery in the US. There are thousands. This isn't just a problem in other countries. It happens here, too.


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