Monday, September 24, 2007

a hairy situation

I am surprised that God did not send Pharaoh a plague of dog hair.

Here are a few things that dog hair clings to, (not including the obvious, such as pants, upholstery, curtains, and anything fabric):

leather furniture

table legs

hardwood floors

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches


all parts of the vacuum cleaner

What dog hair does not cling to:


On top of that; I am not a good housekeeper. It is embarrassing to admit, but it's true. So, don't be surprised should you hear that my entire family is hospitalized for dog hair induced pneumonia, or perhaps an internal obstruction of some sort.

But in my attempt to stop complaining, I will say I could always learn to knit!


  1. You are so funny Kay! Thanks for the smile! Hope your day didn't get too hairy :)

  2. I dunno -- it's almost creepy to think someone wrote a book about that ... **shudder**

    Although -- I remember going to a sheep show in Timonium (I think that's the name of the town) outside Washington DC. Three and a half hour drive because a friend was showing her sheep there that weekend; and there was a "sheep to shawl" competition I wanted to see -- from sheering the sheep, spinning the wool and then weaving a shawl. Missed the sheering -- some guys from New Zealand won that part of the competition for being the fastest shearers.

    Anyhow, I mention that because there was a lady spinning her rolags of wool, with an angora bunny on her lap. Every so often she would reach down and pet the bunny, come up with a handful of buny fur and work that into her spinning.

    Thanks for the laugh though.

    I wonder, can you use dust bunnies the same way??

  3. OOPS -- sheering? Shearing, I think would have been better ...

  4. I heard an editor at a writer's conference talking about that book. It had come across her desk and she thought it was crazy (not in a good way) and turned it down. Her point was that are markets for all sorts of things - that you have to find the right one. She also said that the dog hair knitting book had sold really, really well.

    As for the dog hair - we fight it, too.

  5. precisely the reason I got a non-shedding dog. I will never win the Housekeeping Olympics.

  6. Maybe you could use it to stuff a pillow. It probably works as well as cat hair.

  7. I have a Jack Russell and he blogs too!
    But he sheds so bad....its white hair everywhere


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