Friday, September 14, 2007


A completely unedited thingy that I wrote from a prompt. It was fun, so I thought I'd share.

I gaze up to the sky from which life comes. But life has abandoned us. The sun continues to shine. The water continues to fall. But the killers have come. They have come and taken all of my kind. All but me.
I stretch my weary limbs. It is just as well that they come for me. I am tired of living. And I do not want to live like this. Alone. I look out onto the open meadow dotted with memorials of my kin. I have stood here longer than I can remember. I have watched old die and young come into being. I have watched them grow and I have shared my wisdom. They all are gone. Old and young. They should come for me soon.
Used to be, people would come and visit us for pleasure. They enjoyed our company and the comfort that we offered. They would laugh and play. Or sit quietly and dream as we danced for them. Now they come only to destroy.
I see them now. They leave a trail of dust as they travel up the road. My turn to go. I am ready.
But instead of the death implements I see them carrying something else. Can it be? It is. It is a sapling. And they are bringing her over near me. And look, five other men are bringing saplings. They have not abandoned us. I don’t understand their ways, but I know now that when they kill me, it will not be the end.
One of them pats my trunk. “Hey there, Old Man, keep watch over these youngsters for us, will you?” And he is gone.


  1. Hi, I came over here from Cindy's Notes in the Keys of Life.... I will have to come back and visit and read more of your posts! Grams

  2. I like it! You definitely need to be writing :)

  3. Boy, I imagined flowers, butterflies, half a dozen things before I got to the end. That was very very good.

  4. That was very good! You are very talented.


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