Tuesday, September 4, 2007

please sir, may i have some more?

I want stuff. And things. Tangible and intangible.

A big house with granite counter tops and a hot tub. A Jag convertible. A live in lady like Alice from the Brady Bunch. What was she anyway? Maidcooknanny? Anyway, I want one.

But these wants I can recognize as being greedy. Nothing wrong with them, but nothing really right, either. So if God doesn't give them to me, I can accept that pretty well.

What about those things that seem so right? Things like perfect unity in marriage? Kids who grow up to follow hard after God and love Him deeply? Good health? Being safe from disastrophies (my son coined that)?

We want those things. I want those things. But sometimes we don't get them. This is where that definition of "good" comes in. Maybe, sometimes, for some God Known reason, being healthy isn't a good thing. Maybe, for certain people, having a strong, happy marriage isn't a good thing. Maybe God can do more eternal good through the illness. Maybe we learn to rely on Him more when our earthly relationships don't meet our expectations. When our kids go the opposite way from we had hoped.

So we have to ultimately trust His definition of good. Or we will find ourselves constantly in want and constantly confused, won't we?

Ok, there are some other things I want. Things like more of His love in me and for me and through me. More of His power. More faith. But here's something I've been thinking about. Sometimes, even in wanting these undeniably good things, its more about the wanting. It's more about Me Wanting than it is about Him.


  1. Good thoughts...I feel like you are articulating my thoughts for me :) thanks! Oh I posted my "nice awards" the other day over at my actions speak loudest spot - there is a message for you.

  2. A lot to think about! You made a very good point when you said that maybe we learn to rely on God more when our earthly relationships don't meet our expectations. I have prayed for my daughter for years and I know it has made my relationship with the Lord so much stronger. I'll keep praying, though.
    About things we want....I want a player like yours on my blog. How do you put those on there?


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