Wednesday, September 5, 2007

my kids are concerned

They are worried about you having to listen to my music. They wanted to make sure that you had an option to escape it. So I assured them that you could pause it if you want to. Also, you can click on a different song if you don't like the one that's playing. They particularly dislike the Elvis song, and the Simon and Garfunkle. Oh, and I'm sure they wouldn't like the Stanley Brothers, but I don't think they've heard it. Knowing them, they wouldn't even like the Kermit song.

My nine year old son told me that the other day his daddy was playing rap music and my son told him to "turn that stuff off or I'm getting out of the car!" LOL! I know we will have our paybacks soon enough. (My husband says it wasn't even rap...)


  1. My kids don't like my music either. Sigh.

  2. my DH has the nerve to call Carmen's music "rap." **huff** oh well, all a matter of taste.

    at least you don't have the "problem" I found at Chonda Pierce's myspace page -- more than one thing play automatically ... gotta search the page to figure out which is which and turn off one or the other ... LOL

  3. I actually have the opposite problem usually - I have to turn the volume on so I can hear your videos or whatever since I keep it off most of the time.

    So far my kids like my music, but I haven't given them any other options :) I just love it when they sing in the car. I'm especially thrilled when my four year old son sings "Crazy" along with Mercy Me. I love that song!


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