Tuesday, September 18, 2007

it's the little things


I rented a movie a couple weeks ago called Against Time about a teenager who meets a strange old man. Turns out the old man is himself come to visit him from the future. It has about the quality of an after school special or something, but it has an interesting premise and message. Craig T. Nelson is in it and I like him. A couple of the actors were good. The baseball coach defiantly leads the team in prayer.

But all that is beside the point. The old man came to warn the young man that some time during the coming week he was going to make a choice that would have dire consequences and lead him to drink and homelessness. He told him that it was something small and when the boy looked doubtful he said, "We always think it is the big things that impact our lives, but it's the little things. We make a choice that leads us down a road and each time the choice gets easier to make." (That's my paraphrase)

Interesting thought.

But then after watching that movie all of the e-mail devotionals I receive were on the same topic: the little things. Some of them talked about little sins being as bad as big sins. Or that it only takes a little thing to get us off course. Some of them talked about how the little things count as much in God's Kingdom as the big things.

So, getting to the point; what is God trying to tell me? Why is this theme running through my life these days?


  1. Great thoughts Kay! Something we all need to think about in the quiet place of our heart.

  2. These are some interesting things to think about. It's so neat how God has his way of showing us exactly what he wants us to hear so clearly sometimes.


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