Thursday, September 13, 2007

thursday thirteen

Thirteen random thoughts:

1. I've had a new visitor to my blog and she has several blogs that are worth looking at. But one in particular is for writers! The most recent post I saw was about killing; hacking away at your words to make sure only the strongest and best are left. I am far from that stage as I first just need to get some words. Any words will do at this point. But it is great advice and I will be checking in on that blog regularly.

2. A couple of days ago we had quite the crowd at our house. Seven deer rambled through our back yard. Later in the day two does with their fawns spent several hours napping under our tree. I like the feeling of that.

3. Also a couple of days ago, we had some pronghorn antelope within sight of our house. They were far enough to be best viewed through the binoculars, but I saw them and recognized them with my bare eye. No idea what that distance is, but it's the closest pronghorn have ever been to any place I've lived. Pretty cool. My son was impressed, too.

4. I am such a fan of the school lunch program! Not that I am 100% satisfied with the health value of everything they offer, but it does mean I don't have to fix lunches. While that may seem like no big deal to you, around here, it is. My children are a bit "discriminating" and it gets very frustrating trying to figure out what might be, if not satisfactory, at least grudgingly acceptable.

5. I am settling into our new town, slowly but surely. I have found a Bible Study to attend. I have a chiropractor. We found a doctor and a dentist. But we have not yet found a church. That has been such a frustration for us. ( I originally spelled chiropractor, chiroptactor. Sounds like some kind of dinosaur.)

6. What do you look for in a church? What are crucial factors and what are just trivial things, but things you still would like to have?

7. It is autumn in Colorado! It has been here for a couple of weeks. But this week, it is really, for real, here. It was above 80 yesterday, but there was still a fall chill. I can't possibly explain that to someone who is not familiar with the climate. But fall in this area is just simply the best. Can you tell I like fall?

8. We have a little lake in our neighborhood, so I went over there and walked around it this morning. I tell ya, I'm gonna have to get me a fishin' pole! The fishin' is free there. No license required. I'll get me some worms and go catch a big ol' fish! I like to eat fresh caught fish, but they encourage catch and release at this lake. I wonder if I could eat just one? Got to catch it first, though. That's the tricky part. I'm real good at catching crawdads, but not so good at catching the fish.

9. I think the Hummy birds may have moved on. I don't hear their constant chatter and humming any more.

10. Sound carries differently in the fall. Have you noticed that?

11. I recently finished reading The Restorer by Sharon Hinck and it was very good. It is fantasy, but not hard core. It doesn't have any dragons or wizards, but it does have an alternate universe. You should read it. I particularly like the reminder of how we are to combat the lies we believe.

12. Also, you should read something by River Jordan. I think she only has two books, but they are both good. They are good because of her writing.

13. I can't believe I thought of thirteen things. For a while there I was concerned. I hope you have a great Thursday, whoever and wherever you are!


  1. Its great when you share books and authors that you enjoy because I rush off to my library's web page to see if they are available. I found a book by River Jordan (we only have one) and also only one by Sharon Hinck, but not the one you recommended.

    Have a great day!

  2. You asked: "What do you look for in a church? What are crucial factors and what are just trivial things, but things you still would like to have?"

    My answer: I look for an Anglican Church (preferably an AMiA affiliated). Crucial factors are liturgy (Anglican), Biblically-sound sermons without sports stories (and I love sports). The building is mostly trivial to me, however, I enjoy worshiping in a cathedral-type church is very nice.

  3. he he. We once saw a prairie pronghorn antelope close to Denver, surrounded by green fields and mountains - not at all where we are used to seeing them, and my husband said "Poor thing must be nervous, surrounded by all that food and shelter like that!"


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