Monday, October 1, 2007

I've heard people say that they always felt like they were their mom's favorite. But then they say that their siblings felt the same way. Now, how does a parent manage that? How can you favor a child without the other one feeling...stepped on? See, most of the people I know noticed when the sibling was being favored, not when they themselves were. So, what is the secret? Anyone know? I would love for both of my kids to grow up believing they were my favorite child.
What about you? Which birdie are you? I admit, I feel like the one with a mom on it's head. But my sister always thought I was the favorite. I'm sure my kids both think the other one is preferred. My mom and her sisters always joked that their brother was a favorite because he was the only boy and my aunt was the favorite girl because she was sick, (she had Lupus for years).
Hat tip to Robin Lee Hatcher for the photo.


  1. This is really funny. I just wrote about the word favorite on my blog today--only in a different connotation--though the whole favorite kid thing was mentioned!

  2. I swear my mom loved my brother than she did me !!! But yes...the truth is that she made both of us feel special and the same with my dad!
    Now......i like you because you have the Rainbow connection!!!My husband is taking me to a Johnny Mathis concert for my birthday

  3. I tell all my children that they are my favorite, and so far, I think they believe me! I tell my oldest he is my favorite oldest child. I tell my middle child that he is my favorite youngest son. I tell my daughter that she is my favorite baby girl.

  4. I *was* the favourite, and it wasn't a good place to be.

  5. I bet, Susan. I guess we can just look at the story of Joseph in the Bible to see how sweet it is to be the favorite.


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