Saturday, September 1, 2007

dreams can come true

I got this from Allthings2all.
A simple man with a huge gift. No self-confidence, but a powerful talent.
It is simply amazing. I dare you not to cry.
Again, be sure you pause my music first


  1. oh SURE. Make me watch that on my daughter's first day of Junior High ...

  2. Okay, I took your dare.

    I had heard about this, even heard an excerpt, on the classical music station I listen to in the car. I figured "nah, won't make me cry."

    I am so sad to hear Pavarotti died and always loved hearing him sing this. But this guy ... he brought me to tears. Pavarotti didn't.

    PS Rather than get the url to embed this at my blog(S) -- I'm linking each one back here. :-)
    Besides, I love your play list for this post page ...

  3. I have watched it five or six times now. I keep thinking maybe I can get through it without the tears. But nope, not yet.
    I think it's because he's so humble. And the judges are so blown over by it.
    You can just hear their thoughts when he says he's going to sing opera - "oh good night". LOL

  4. That is really amazing! It does bring me to tears.


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