Tuesday, September 11, 2007

another blue september sky

The sky was so blue. The day so gorgeous. The fear so sudden. The shock so intense. The sky is blue like that again today. Not a cloud in sight.

My kids had ice cream for breakfast. I had no idea what the day would bring. Let them have ice cream.

It was war. I knew it the minute my husband said "Pentagon". A plane could fly into the tower by accident. But it required intent to hit the Pentagon. And the intent was clear.

Terror. Those people wanted us afraid. And we are becoming more increasingly a nation -- a world-- that lives in fear. Fear of terrorists, fear of disease, fear of child molesters, fear of head injuries, fear of economic hardship.

My number one enemy. I have fought fear most of my life. God's Word is clear about it. I should not give way to it. It does not come from God. Perfect love casts it out.

Today, I am going to gird up a bit more securely. I am going to stand taller. I am not going to let fear have any victory in me this day, September 11. Just this one day, I can refuse to let fear sway me. By God's strength; for His glory. And maybe, I can do it again tomorrow.

A day of loss. Lost life. Lost sense of security. The entire world suffered a loss that day. Even the people who rejoiced over our pain.

May God's peace and love be over those who were most personally affected on a beautiful September morning six years ago.


  1. And God is still on the throne!

  2. Who are you? Who raised you? I have learned more about your inner workings (not THAT) by reading your blogs than I have face to face. Thanks for being who you are. I am proud of you. Mom

  3. Hi, Kay. SuseADoodle passed on the "Nice Award" to me, and I just randomly decided to trace it back for a ways....Good post.



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