Friday, August 3, 2007

two questions

1. Have you seen the Apple vending machines? I don't mean the kind you get fruit out of. I mean the kind you get IPODS out of. Weird.

2. Ladies, where do you keep your purse while at home? I used to keep mine by the door, but now I tend to used all the doors so I don't know where to keep it.


  1. I'd suggest you decide on a door and stick with it! But in your house I'd never know which direction I was going anyway. Love Momstheword

  2. I keep mine by my front door, sometimes on a hook on the coat rack, more often on the floor by the door.

  3. Boy, I'd hate to get my stuff stuck in THAT machine!!! :-) I keep my purse usually on the back of a kitchen chair.


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