Sunday, August 19, 2007

a prayer and a miracle

Pray for Thomas and Christina Maier. She was kidnapped yesterday in Afghanistan. Another of our sisters there doing work for the Lord. She is five months pregnant, I believe. Friends and co-workers of theirs are sponsored by the church we attended today. Their names are Kelly and Rebecka Green. Pray for them, too, as I'm sure they are more than upset by this situation.

You know, when I typed in Kidnapped Missionaries, there were way too many results that popped up. I wish this were an isolated incident, but it is happening far too often. Maybe we would be more stunned if it happened less. But to those individuals, think of the emotion involved.

On the flip side, today I sat near a miracle in church. Three years ago, the Bible Study group I was leading was honored to pray for a woman who was seventy years old and literally on her death bed. She had stage 5 lung cancer and was given weeks to live.

She sat in the pew in front of me today. Healthy as can be. It was a privilege to meet her.

Let's never loose sight of the ability of our awesome God to do mighty things! He is as powerful today as ever. The world is grim, but God is on his throne and He is good!


  1. Thanks for this post! Its a reminder that we need!

  2. God can do wonderful things. Saying a prayer for this woman!


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