Wednesday, August 22, 2007

questions i've been contemplating

Why do I cry harder when you hurt me than when I hurt you?
Why do your sins grieve me more than my own?
If you've sinned against me, my heart is broken; shouldn't it be doubly broken by the sin I've committed?
If you sin and hurt me, all that says about me is that I am vulnerable. If I sin and hurt you, what does that say about me? I think being a broken, fleshy person is far more grievous than being a wounded, vulnerable person. Right? My tears are backwards.


  1. you have the most interesting brain. I'm glad we met.

    Accidentally No-Profile Susan :)

  2. Tonight at church we talked about when we are sharing our hearts with someone and they get distracted or stop paying attention how it hurts us and everyone admitted that it had happened to them.

    Then the Pastor asked us all to consider if we'd ever done that to anyone else and sadly enough we had to 'fess up and admit that we too had made others feel the same way. He mentioned that we are quick to remember when others hurt us and slow to remember when we ourselves carry the guilt.

  3. This was absolutely perfect! In every way. Everyone should read it! I love you, Kay!


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