Monday, August 6, 2007

1800's remedies - just in case

Musquito Bites: (that's how they spelled it, not me)

Salt wetted into a paste, with a little vinegar and rubbed on bite will stop the itch.

(Ok, this really might be worth knowing)

To Stop Blood:

For a prick with a pin, or a slight cut, nothing stops bleeding better than old cobwebs compressed into a lump and applied to a wound.

(Here I was wasting money on band aids)

In Case You're Struck By Lightening:

"For a couple of hours shower in cold water. In case there is still no sign of life, add a cupful of salt and continue for another hour."

-19th century Swiss remedy

(I'll try this next time)

Tooth Powder:

Take pulverized chalk, and twice as much charcoal; make very fine and add castile soap suds and spirits of camphor to make a thick paste.

(mmm. Mothball breath)

Drawn Sinews (is that a pulled ligament?)

An ointment made from the common ground-worms which boys dig to bait fishes, rubbed on with the hand, is said to be excellent when the sinews are drawn up by any disease or accident.

(ok, even the author is taking someones word for it)

I won't even share the one that suggests treating chapped lips with ear wax.

These came from a cookbook called Log Cabin Cooking by Barbara Swell. She has some great little books filled with old recipes and many helpful hints from days of yore.


  1. I KNEW there was a good reason to embrace the cobwebs on my ceiling! Who knew????

  2. Next time I get struck by lightning I'm going to use this!! and if it doesnt work Is there another way??


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