Saturday, August 18, 2007


My friend Megan did this meme on her blog. She didn't tag anyone, but I am tagging myself. I like memes. I like doing them and I like reading them.

So, here are Ten Things You Will Never Hear Me Say:

1. Please, may I pull the weeds in your yard, too?

2. This ninety-degree weather is killing me, can I borrow a sweater?

3. Close the door, you're letting the yellow jackets out.

4. It's morning! Yippee!

5. I'm so glad they got rid of that ugly horse farm. The mall is so much prettier.

6. No thank you, I don't eat carbs.

7. I'm going to wear short shorts every day this summer!

8. Cats are dumb.

9. I think I'll take the interstate just for the fun of it.

10. Why would I want to read about some imaginary person's imaginary life?


  1. Okay, some of these were so spot on for me, I am astounded! It's like you crawled in my brain or something.


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