Wednesday, August 8, 2007

speaking of worth

Two posts ago, I was speaking of worth.

Well, speaking of it... Where DO you get yours?

We went to a diner style burger place yesterday and they have a deal where if you eat a One Pound Burger, you get your photo taken and put up on a board. How cool is that?

Apparently, real cool, to some people. There is one guy who has eaten that thing fourteen times. Another who aims to do it twenty times. Wow. Those guys have value now.

I guess the same is true for people wanting to break world records. Not that there's anything wrong with these things, but why do they do it?

Why do we write books, sing solos, teach a Bible Study, lead a ministry?

Why do people live in houses fifteen times bigger than what they need? When they're never even home?

What makes me valuable? How do I know I am worth something? Why do I have a right to take up space and breath air?

Our worth, of course, should be found in Christ. We are worthy because He makes us so.

When you have the time, go to this site and listen to the sermon for April 29th. It is excellent.


  1. Some great thoughts to ponder...

  2. I just noticed your Shelfari (actually it doesn't load on my home computer ...) ...Briar Rose is one of my all-time favourite books. Did you read about how it came to be written?

    (also, I love Jane Yolen)

  3. LOVE the new template!!! did you design it or import it from somewhere?

    (Accidental Poet Susan)

  4. i used one of blogger's then my hubby who is an ex-spurt changed the html for me to add the background from then I changed the colors all by my own self.

  5. I saw your comment on Randy Alcorn's blog and I was thought you made some good points. Your profile is so down to earth - you sound like a fun person! God bless you in your journey!


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