Wednesday, August 1, 2007

speaking of movies

We recently watched two really good movies. Both of them are true stories about people who invested their lives in the lives of others.

The first one is Freedom Writers. I particularly liked how this movie shows the power of a story. Whether fiction or non-fiction, a story can take you out of yourself. It opens the world up to you and gives you new perspective.
The other movie was Pride. This movie demonstrates both kinds of pride. The negative, empty, boastful kind that tears people down and the positive kind that builds people up.
The main theme is the way one person can influence another or even a group to positive change. Very powerful. Of course, said influence doesn't happen over night and it isn't easy. And the people being changed sometimes don't want to be changed.

Do you have any experience in this? Have you been able to impact someones life by investing in them? Or have you seen it happen first hand? Maybe you are the one who was changed because of another person's willingness to step into your world and give you a needed boost?

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