Saturday, March 10, 2007


Sheryl asked me to share some research tips. Hahahaha! I haven't done research in years! So, I'm pretty much winging it. If I figure anything out, I'll let you know, though.
I just went to the library and typed in the subjects I wanted. Then when I couldn't find them, I talked to the reference librarian who helped me out.
I ended up with a great source there to look at and some to bring home. She also showed me how to access their articles on-line so I can do that at home.

Finding pictures of my characters was Angela Hunt's idea, not mine. But it does help me a lot to be able to see them!


  1. Hi Kay! My oldest dd LOVES to research. She will sit in front our the computer for hours if I let her! Have fun!!!

  2. Usually, my major problem with research is, "When is enough?" I mean I could research until the deadlines imminent approach and say, "Maybe I should look in one more place." I don't share this with you to discourage, but to share my fixation on research.


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