Friday, March 9, 2007

pj day

Today the kids have no school - teacher workday or some such. So we are all hanging out in our jammies! I don't know how long it has been since we had a pj day. But I'm lovin it! Of course it is a marvelous day outside, so I may end up clothed and outdoors before too long.

hey, I put a new post on my other blog in case any of you who read this also read that. By the way, is anyone reading this??

Will - I know you are. Will is my hubby's drinking buddy. ha ha. The do their "drinking" at the coffee shop.

Susan has left a comment or two, so perhaps she's reading.

Anyone else?

If you read, just say "here" so I know I'm not blathering into outer space. I would hate to waste all these deep thoughts.


  1. I am reading!!!! I love to read blogs as I'm just getting into it really good. I'm adding you to my new blog roll on my domain. Add me to yours!!!
    Amy from AHmoms

  2. I'm may regret that! ;)
    BTW...I love your blog name! I feel happy just reading the title!

  3. I'm HERE!! I love your blog and miss you muchly! Hope we get to chat soon.

  4. I'm here :) so I can torture myself with the knowledge that you are actually writing while all I'm doing is feeling guilty about not doing it.


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