Friday, March 2, 2007


Now that I have figured out how to log into my account, for cryin out loud!

I discovered today that my Peace had once again lost her head! If anyone needs to maintain a cool head -- well any kind of head would be good -- it's Peace!
I have a little Willow Tree figurine that is named Peace. Lovely. She was given to me by some ladies who attended a Bible Study I led. So I love her. Plus, I love Peace. Plus, I desperately need peace. But almost the first day she came into our tumultuous home, she fell and broke her neck. Literally. It was very sad. I glued her head back on and it really was not very noticeable. But she has lost her head numerous times since.
Today, while vacuuming, I glanced behind me for some reason and there she stood, headless. I'm suspecting that the tragedy occured while I was away from home for hours on end this week having a marvelous time at a conference.
I would hope that Peace could keep her head in my absence, but since she seldom does in my presence, why should she while I'm gone?

May God's Peace be with you today. His peace remains firmly in tact, head to toe, in any situation.


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