Saturday, March 17, 2007

parking garage of life

“I don’t like it here” my four year old son said as we pulled into the dark parking garage. He always wants me to park on the top of the garage in the sunlight. It is a bit spooky in there in the dim light, with the smell of car fumes and the sounds of tires and steering columns squealing.
So it is natural that he wouldn't like it. He wanted to be somewhere else. And I said, “It’s Okay, I’m here with you.” He didn’t say another word, just grabbed my hand and stuck close. It was enough that his mommy, who loves him and who would lay down her life for him, was with him.

Isn’t life like that? We so often come into dark places in our life where we really would rather not be. We want to be in the sunshine. We say to God, “I don’t like it here!” “I really don’t want to go through this!” And God, who loves us and who did lay down His life for us, says, “It’s Okay. I’m here with you.” That’s enough. We shall take his hand, and stick close.


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  2. Well said, my friend!
    Have a blessed weekend,

  3. I like this, Kay! :-)


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